Volt  27" Griptape

Volt 27" Griptape


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Imagine an electric shockwave in the awesome colour combination of red and green and there you have it, the bright Penny Volt griptape! Hit the road knowing that the grip of your deck is solid, and your ride is as smooth and as effortless as it should be. The 27" board size is already great for stability - now add to that with our griptape! Take your Penny skateboard deck, and apply a griptape quickly and easily to create a new look and add some stability to your ride. Your feet will stick board, which is great for skaters who like to feel as though they're firmly in place when they skate. Cut to match the Penny Original deck's unique shape perfectly, this griptape means you don't need to worry about templates or cutting the tape to fit. We've also included clever cut outs, so that the bolts and the iconic Penny Skateboards logo shine through while you ride. You can also get creative using the lines marked on the backing tape create your own grip tape shapes by cutting with scissors and applying as you desire.