BTS Spring 18

Last month we went on a little Penny Adventure around Oceanside, CA to shoot our newest boards in action! Our talented friend Derrick Busch shot some amazing photos, as seen on Instagram, of a super fun day skating with Elise Criger and Alex Barnes. Check out some BTS photos from our day out shot by Jeffrey Robins.

The crew arriving at location #1 at the Oceanside Harbor

Alex and Elise running down the jetty, Penny Boards in hand.

“Move it a little bit this way” Derrick instructing Alex

Scenic Oceanside, CA

Can you find the photographer?

Professional photo posture demonstrated by Derrick

Cruising to the next spot

“Wait which way are we going??”

The action shot!

Getting the angles!

Aloha Elise! ??

Did we mention that Oceanside was scenic? ?

Push it to the limit ?

Derrick in the foreground using Elise in the foreground

Alex taking some instructions

Snacks on set!

Sun flares are eveything ?

Next location, the Oceanside Amphitheatre

We found a new friend on set

Cruising down the street ?

“Wait you want us to do what?!”

Poetry in motion, getting those awesome motion blur shots.

Derrick framing up the shot.

“Well I think the Battleship is cooler than the Pegasus” “Yea but that cause you’re a boy”

Our awesome photographer Derrick getting some nice light from in the van

“Let’s bomb this hill!”

Double the pleasure, double the fun…

The end of another Penny Adventure


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